Day 2 – Beginning Is Easy, Continuing Hard

November 2, 2010 at 10:00 pm 2 comments

Beginning is Easy, Continuing Hard – Japanese proverb

I would love to tell you that I jumped right out of bed this morning, and got going.  Truth was, my body was sore.  Oh, not straight away.  Opening my eyelids didn’t hurt when I woke up, but turning my body to shut off the alarm clock?  Yowzer.  I felt as though someone had jumped out of their bed, and landed on me.

I read somewhere that the number of muscles in the human body varies from about 656 to 850, depending on which expert you consult. No exact figure is available because apparently there are a variety of opinions about what constitutes a distinct muscle.  Well, let me tell you, in my body this morning, there were about 600 more muscles than I thought I had yesterday, and every single one of them was telling me that they were there!

To be honest, I liked that I felt my muscles.  It was proof that I had done something good for my body yesterday.

I made my way downstairs past the Halloween candy (yes, it’s still there, I’m thinking it might work for motivation for me in a perverse way), and into the kitchen to eat my 3 hard boiled egg whites.  This was the protein portion of my breakfast. With it, I had one Ryvita crispbread with 1 tsp of strawberry fruit spread.

As I ate my breakfast, I kept telling myself that I needed to go for a walk to stretch out those sore muscles, yet it was almost 11:30 before I put on my running shoes and started my walk.  I did everything to avoid going out.  I made the beds, emptied the dishwasher, put the garbage out, tidied the kitchen and bathrooms, fed the cats, opened the mail.  It was really too bad that I waited so long, because it was an absolutely gorgeous fall day.  Blue skies, with just a little nip in the air, so I didn’t get too sweaty as I walked quickly along.  I combined my walk with a trip to the grocery store.  I hadn’t planned on going to the grocery store, because I thought I had everything I needed in the way of vegetables to snack on, but when I went  looking for the cucumbers I thought were in my fridge, I couldn’t find them.  Two whole english cucumbers were there yesterday, cut up and ready to eat. Apparently my son thought my vegetable preparation was a great thing, and ate them. All of them.  I asked my son why he felt the need to eat 2 whole English cucumbers, and he said that he wanted to take a healthy snack to school. What could I say?   In retrospect I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m at the grocery store fairly regularly.  My son is 17; no further explanation should be needed.

I made a point to eat something (and it was healthy) before venturing into the grocery store, so I wouldn’t be tempted to pick anything up that wasn’t on my “good” list.  When you enter my local grocery store, you are immediately in the vegetable and fruit section, which is good.  (lots of cucumbers) Unfortunately, the next section you pass by is the bakery.  Today, my feet found a new path past it. Yeah me!

Definitely proud of myself today – I got up and walked when I could have found even more reasons not to do it.  I also found that I didn’t feel hungry today, as I was spacing out my meals, and snacks, and I drank lots of water.

Water is something that I have to consciously think about.  I have far more success in my weight loss when I drink lots of water.   Not only does water give you the illusion of feeling full, but it also aids the kidneys in flushing out the fats that your body is breaking down as you lose weight.

Here’s a short article that gives some other great points about why you need to drink water.

Tomorrow is my first appointment with Deb, the personal trainer my fitness club has set me up with.  I’ll have my weight training plan set, but I know that it’s going to be a tough workout.   I’m going to try and get some good sleep tonight, so I’m well rested.

Things that make you go hmmmm – did you know that getting the correct amount of sleep, can help you lose weight?  Read about it here

Food diary for Day 2

Breakfast –  3 hard boiled egg whites, with ryvita and jam

Snack – apple

Lunch – 3 oz grilled chicken, and salad consisting of lettuce, red pepper and tomato. (would have liked cucumber, but oh well)

Snack – 1 cup of beautiful raspberries

Dinner – 2 oz pulled pork (leftover from yesterday) and cucumbers!

Snack – fat free strawberry jello.

Workout diary for Day 2

30 minute brisk walk

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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Shelley  |  November 3, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    Sounds like you are RIGHT ON TRACK!!! You are doing Great 🙂

  • 2. antoinette .  |  August 13, 2011 at 9:51 am

    love what your doing, keep up the great work


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