Up until I turned 40, I had it pretty good.  Active, fit, great body, and could eat anything.  When people asked me what my favourite food was, I said “everything!”  I weighed LESS after having my second child than I did before getting pregnant with my first.  Then I turned 40, at which point my body decided to freak out on me.  All those hormones that had created that wonderful metabolism that I had, decided to do something different to me.  I went from being able to workout every day for at least an hour, to hardly being able to climb the stairs.   What did the doctors say?  Nothing encouraging, I can tell you.   I heard, “you’re 40, this is normal” (Normal?? If this was normal, I’d hate to see what I’d be feeling like at 60!!)  After 1 year, and 3 different doctors, I finally found someone who looked at the whole me, not just the fact that I had a uterus.  After a whole whack of blood tests, we discovered that my adrenal wasn’t working very well, and that I was missing or low in a lot of key things, magnesium, testosterone (yes, females need some too), B’s, zinc, etc., etc.   The prescription?  Vitamins, including pituitary pills, and testosterone cream.  Within a few weeks, I felt my old self, but unfortunately at that point, I was now 50 lbs overweight.    I weighed more than I did at 9 months pregnant with my first child.  Not ever having had to worry about my weight, I was now overweight and didn’t know how to lose it.

Thus started the “try everything” diet plan. Weight watchers, detox, Dr. Bernstein’s, you name it, I tried it.  Oh, I lost 10 – 20 pounds on each one, but quickly grew frustrated with feeling deprived, started cheating, felt guilty and then stopped “dieting” and quickly gained back the weight and more.

I had to do something different!


Starting November 1, 2010, my goal is to reach my desired weight by my 50th birthday, which is July 23, 2011.

The facts

  • I’m 49 years old, am 5’3″ tall and weigh 193.4 lbs.  I’m 58 lbs over my ideal weight.
  • Accountability.  I need it.  Without having an accountability partner, I tend to fail. Hence dear reader, you have become my accountability partner.
  • Keep me honest.


Starting November 1, 2010, my goal is to reach my desired weight by my 50th birthday, which is July 23, 2011.


I live in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, just a 25 minute drive west of Toronto.  Oakville has some of the best walking and hiking trails in the area.  I’m also close to reasonably good ski hills.

Oakville has many community centres with ice arenas, and in the winter there are outdoor rinks to ice skate.  Did I mention that I have been a figure skater since I was 4?  Truly a passion of mine

I’ve always felt that keeping active is not difficult if you love what you’re doing.  So, I won’t be running, but I will be hiking, skiing and skating.


Within a 15 minute drive of my home, I have my choice of at least 5 fitness clubs.  I have now joined one, and plan to take advantage of not working full time at present, to spend each day there, either taking classes or doing weight training.  I am also considering hiring a personal trainer.

When I have the opportunity, I will be hiking, walking, ice skating and skiing.  I also love to dance, so will be trying to get out and do that as well.

I will be keeping a food diary.  I will be following the Canada Food Guide, along with a nutrition plan that was developed for me.


Many reasons.

  • First and foremost, I’m doing it for my health.  Every pound that I am overweight, increases the risk of heart disease and other illnesses, and decreases my life expectancy.  I want to live to see and be able to play with my grandchildren (and hopefully great-grandchildren!)
  • I’m turning 50 in 2011, and am 58 pounds overweight.  I want to know that I’m setting myself up for another 30 – 40 years of good health.  I want to be active as I get older, not sitting around waiting for the end.
  • When I look in the mirror, I haven’t been seeing my reality.  I don’t see the fat person I have become.  Because I still am relatively active, I only think of myself as slightly overweight.   I was shocked to have been shown a picture of me at a party in a dress that I thought I looked really sexy in.  Reality?  Not so sexy.  My first thought was “who is the fat person who wore the same dress as me”  Second thought “Oh my God, that fat person is me!”  I’ve had to face the fact that I am not just overweight, I am obese.
  • I want to help my 21 year old daughter get healthy and achieve her ideal weight, by showing her how it can be done, not just telling her.
  • Because my 17 year old son found a picture of me in a bikini from 10 years ago, and asked me who that was.  It hurt to realize that my son doesn’t remember me as a fit and healthy mom, but that he only knows me as a fat mom.  I want to change that.  As much as it embarrasses my son, I want to be a “yummy mummy”.

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