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Day 5 – Two Steps Forward, One Step Back…

After having a very trying day on Thursday, I woke up on Friday morning determined that I was not going to let that negative attitude show up again!  I headed out bright and early to the 8:15 am Zumba class.  I had only tried one Zumba class before, and I had thought it was a lot of fun.   It still amazes me that I never went back, but I took this class during my second failed attempt at going to the gym a year and a half ago.  If you’ve never tried Zumba, and love to move to music,  this is a really great aerobic class!

After shaking  my inner Shakira for 50 minutes, I was so glad that I taken the class, and that I didn’t let my negative attitude from Thursday stop me.

I carried this great energy with me all day, and combined with the beautiful sunny fall day we were having, I felt amazing!   I stayed on track with my food,  and later that day when I was out doing errands and I got a little hungry, I made a healthy snack choice.  Instead of quickly stopping somewhere to pick up an unhealthy choice, I went into a grocery store, and picked up an orange to eat.

As the day progressed, I was looking forward to a Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night party that friends were having.  I was busily “dolling” myself up for the party, completely forgetting that the food choices being offered that night may not be the best ones for me.  What I should have done was eat my planned dinner prior to going, so that I wouldn’t be tempted to eat the snacks that were being offered.  Shoulda, woulda, coulda, it was too late at that point.

But here is where I give myself a break, and a pat on the back, instead of a kick in the butt.  I HAD exercised that day.  I HAD made good food choices all day prior to the party. I DID stay away from the fried things on offer, and chose from the fruit and vegetable platters, and whole wheat crackers.   I did have some chili on rice, and a sausage, but I didn’t eat the bun and I chose smaller portions than I would normally have, and didn’t go back for seconds.  These may seem like small things, but it was a huge victory for me.  I had wine to drink but I also balanced it with glasses of water throughout the evening.

It was a great time; I met some lovely people, and reconnected with friends and neighbours.

An interesting thing happened during a conversation with a neighbour who I hadn’t seen in a while. She said to me “you look great!”   I said thank you, and said to her that I thought she looked great also, and asked her if she had lost some weight.  I almost bit my tongue off at that point.   I had been reading an article earlier that day, and one of the things that jumped out at me was this paragraph

How many times have you commented to a friend or colleague about how great they look because they’ve lost weight? Why not leave it at “You look great!” and skip the weight part. .. Somehow this comes across as being acceptable when in fact it means that you are checking out someone else’s body just a little too closely.

Shelly said that she had lost 20 pounds since I last saw her, and she DID look fantastic, but after so recently reading the above, WHY did I fall into the trap of saying what I did?   I mentioned to Shelly about what this article talked about, and we both had a good discussion.  She wasn’t bothered by what I said, and in fact, I said that I would have probably been pleased had she commented on my weight loss, because I AM very proud of what I’m doing.

What are yours thoughts about this?  I’d love to know.

By the way, how many of you thought that the two steps forward, one step back title was intended as a negative?  It’s actually a play on words – the main salsa step is two steps forward, and one step back.  It’s a nod to the Zumba class I took.

Bragging spotFor the party I wore a pair of jeans that were usually the “lay down on the bed to do them up” jeans, but tonight I was able to stand and zip them up! I can’t wait for my weigh in tomorrow!

Food diary for Day 5

Breakfast –  3 hard boiled egg whites, one slice of Body Wise Whole Wheat bread with 1 tsp of strawberry spread.

Snack – banana

Lunch – 1/2 whole wheat Body Wise Tortilla spread with 1 tsp of Philly herb cream cheese, 2 slices of Schneiders Fat Free Smoked Turkey Breast; 8 oz vegetables

Snack – 1 cup raspberries

Dinner – one sausage (no bun!), vegetarian chili and rice, vegetables and dip, fruit

Snack – wine!

Workout diary for Day 5

One hour of Salsa, baby!

2 – 20 minute walks

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Goals for 2011

* Participate in the 100 days of intentional movement
* Walk 2011 miles in 2011
* Continue my healthy eating and exercise program
* Lower my body weight by 10% by February 1st, 2011
* Lose the next 10% of body weight (17 lbs) by April 1, 2011
* Read at least one book per month that provides spiritual sustenance or enlightenment.

Scale Goals for 2011
02/01/11 - 174
04/01/11 - 156.6
06/01/11 - 141

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